i am you, you are me, we are thee

Hi. My name is Christopher Ibn Yerbey of South Carolina. I’m an Israelian Negro currently residing in Babylon Number II, what you may call “America”. In the bible I would just be a Hebrew or Jew. I serve the almighty Yahweh —The Most High, Alla, with every fiber of my being. Although there’s a lot of fucked up shit happening on earth I can still see that humanity just yearns for unconditional love and freedom from each other’s mental biases.

Y lie? Y cheat? Y kill yourself or anyone else?

because of love —? because of money—?

why “make it” just to give it all back or lose your fuckin mind in the process?

who hath ordained all of the birds and trees, water and creeping things?
who gives you; human, your living worth?

should we still be in survival mode, or should we be thriving for galactic excellence.

only deception is truly our enemy.

dismantle the lies that govern your daily lives, and economies. you—the one reading this, you have a responsibility to us all.

live your very best life. love Yah with everything in you. encourage others daily to do the same. you will truly experience life in righteousness and receive mind bending peace as your ultimate reward.

the time is now for all of us to put away our manufactured fears and bring forth our heavenly paradise(s). a perfected horizon; where we can enjoy exploring real ancient knowledge, our creations, sex, love and family without restriction.

your truth will set you free indeed.

So—Welcome to Heaven. There’s a lot information on this plane. You are not your body but you are the sum of the material used to create you. Your soul-mind-body connection gives you the best broadband and wide range entranet speeds. Tell the truth always, purify your desires and join the righteous ones. We are waiting.